Photo by Bahram Foroughi


Photo by Bahram Foroughi


"Heroes and Monsters"- Penny and Sparrow

A dear brother of ours wrote a book full of honest words and beautiful ideas. Our hearts beat for vulnerable folks who see their days of victory and moments of personal monsters, and struggle well through it. Press on, friends.

The way the parts of me,
They always disagree.
It’s a wonder that this body doesn’t break.


Back in November, we recorded Gregory Alan Isakov and friends playing a few songs the day after their gig in Saltaire.  This is the final song from that session, taken from his recently released album, The Weatherman.

Big thanks to Emma for the grade all 4 of the videos from this session.

Gregory Alan Isakov - “If I Go, I’m Goin” (eTown webisode #341) (by etownradioshow)

Over the Rhine - Earthbound Love Song (by WNRNradio)

Phosphorescent - Song For Zula (Live on KEXP) (by kexpradio)